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Fasting for Blood Work – How to Control Blood Sugar Levels

What you eat and when you eat can affect the levels of your blood sugar. In this article, you will know some diet tips to control your blood sugar levels. Consulting a physician would also help to control your blood sugar levels.

Change Your Diet Slowly

You have spent a lifetime establishing your eating habits and you cannot simply change it overnight. According to Dr. Dee Sandquist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you should start with one change and work your way from there.

Do not Skip Meals

To control your blood sugar efficiently, you should split your meals in four to six hours of interval. Eating your meals at a regular interval can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Also, splitting your carbohydrate intake equally throughout the day can help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Skipping meals is not a good habit when you have diabetes. Do not skip meals to save calories for later. An example of this is when you are going to an occasion or party. You should still consume your other meals following your regular time intervals. When you go to a party, consume the same amount of carbohydrates that you would at regular meal. It is good to have a treat but do not overdo it.

Lessen Your Carbohydrate Intake

This does not imply that you cut all the carbohydrates that you love to eat such as rice, potatoes, pastas, and bread. Take a look at the quantity you are eating. To maintain your energy level, you just need to consume small servings. Instead of consuming your regular portion, try to consume 2/3 of the quantity. You can do this for each meal or treat. You should try to lessen your carbohydrate portions for several weeks. If you do this, you will notice that your blood sugar levels get lower and you could even lose some weight!

Balance Your Plate

Calculating calories, carbohydrates, or even Glycemic Index of foods can be difficult. The Plate Method can help you eat the right combinations and quantities of different groups of food such as healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. Eating the right combination can help you control your blood sugar level and keep your energy levels steady.

Fine-Tune Your Diet

Once you have completed the first stage of your diet modification, you can start other healthy changes. An example would be to adjust your diet by switching in healthy food selections. Instead of mashed potatoes with butter, try a plain baked potato with small cottage cheese. Instead of read meat cuts with high amounts of fat, try eating lean chicken or fish. Monitoring what you eat is one important aspect of preventing diabetes. You should also follow what your physician recommends regarding on how to control blood sugar levels.

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