Tips on How to Survive a Blood Test

survive a blood testMany people are afraid of having a blood test. Some are also confused on what to do before a blood test. A standard rule before a blood test is to undergo fasting for 8 to 12 hours. If you are afraid of needles or feel anxious about a blood test, then these tips are for you. Follow these tips to make your blood work experience less stressful.

You should look away. You do not have to watch the process, relax knowing that you are safe in the hands of a professional.

You should focus your mind on something else, whether it is remembering what you have seen from you favorite TV show last night, or what you have learnt in you class recently.

You should relax your arm and do not wriggle or tense up. A blood test experience should be free of pain, just a bit of uncomfortable.

You should distract yourself from the blood work. You can bring an iPod an tune in to your favorite tracks, or a comedy podcast that will surely keep you entertained during the process.

You should drink plenty of water prior to your blood work as it can make your veins more visible and assist the flow of your blood, which guarantees a faster blood work.

You should not book a blood work on a busy day. Spend enough time to sit in the waiting room afterwards in case you feel a little fainted as rushing off will increase you anxiety.

You can bring a companion with you. Bring anyone that will help you feel at ease and distract your during the blood work.

One good technique is to take deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth.

For children, numb the needle site. You can use EMLA cream for topical anesthesia. This will help them lessen the discomfort of the needle. This can be bought from your local pharmacy or on the internet.

Do not worry about your blood work as there are thousands of people taking blood test every single day. It is an incredibly common test with next to no possible side effects or complications.

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