Having a Blood Test? Here are 6 Tips to Draw Blood Simply

worried about blood testBreathe

Do not hold your breath while the blood is being drawn. Some people hold their breath while anticipating for the needle, which does not help at all if you are feeling faint. You should keep your breathing normally and you will comfortable while the blood is being drawn out. If the possible pain makes you nervous, then a phlebotomist may have a medication to lessen the pain.

Drink Water

Drinking water can make your veins more visible. If you are having a blood test, then make sure you are well hydrated. But be careful as there are some doctors that would require you not to drink or eat before a blood work. This tip will make it easy for the doctor to find a vein to easily puncture.

It would be good to start drinking water before the day of blood test and continue drinking water before your blood to be drawn. Drinking excessively is not necessary. It is recommended that an adult drink 64 ounces of water daily for good health. This is more than enough for your blood to be drawn. You should limit caffeine as this acts as mild diuretic and boosts the amount of urine your generate.

Be Honest

If you have fainted in the past when donating blood, make sure that you inform the person who will draw your blood. If there is a small chance of fainting during a blood draw, positioning is the key. You should not site on top of a table. You should positioned in a low chair where it is unlikely for you to fall.

Do Not Look

If it makes you uncomfortable, then do not watch while your blood is being drawn. The sight of blood is a problem for some people. Therefore, looking away from your blood being drawn can solve the problem. You can read magazine, watch TV, or anything that will distract you from the process.

Ask For Someone Else

If the person in charge of you blood test is not successful during the first two tries, then it is reasonable to for someone else. Do not allow yourself to be a pin cushion for someone who is a newbie. A phlebotomist may try using a butterfly needle that often works for small veins.

Sit Still

If you are wiggling when someone tries to draw your blood, then it is likely that he will have to do more attempts to get your blood. You should sit still even if you are nervous. It is crucial to refrain from moving or wiggling.

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