Can I Eat or Drink When Fasting for Blood Work?

eat and drinkThe answer to this question really depends on the type of blood test that you will undergo. The healthcare provider who arranged your blood work will give specific instructions that you need to follow before the test.

There are some blood tests that allow you to eat or drink. There are also some blood tests that you will be instructed not to drink and eat before water. What we mean by drink is not to drink other beverages aside from water.  If you have some questions regarding your blood work, you can inquire to your healthcare provider for advice.

Below are examples of blood test and the things that you should do to prepare for them such as the time frame that you have to fast. On the other hand, you also need to follow specific instructions from your healthcare provider. You can also click this link to know more about the different types of blood tests.

Fasting Blood Glucose Test

You cannot eat or drink anything aside from water for eight to ten hours before this kind of blood work. This blood work is used to examine diabetes, which is a condition caused by excessive sugar in the blood.

Iron Blood Test

Usually, an Iron blood test is taken in the morning hours before eating. It is imperative that you avoid taking iron pills or tablets for one day before the test. The human body absorbs iron too fast from pills or food. Therefore, this could raise your iron levels and could have an impact to your results.

Iron blood test helps diagnose ailments like iron deficiency anemia or lack or red blood cells caused by low levels of iron.

Blood Cholesterol Test or Lipid Profile

You cannot eat and drink anything except only water for around ten to twelve house prior to having a blood cholesterol test.

Cholesterol is a substance that is fatty, which can accumulate within your arteries and increase the risk of having heart disease.

Actually, there are several cholesterol tests. When conducted together, it is called a Lipid Profile. A Lipid Profile tests the levels of good HDL cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides or other fatty elements.

If you are only having a triglycerides test, then do not drink alcohol for one day prior to your test. You will also need to fast as what is explained above.

GGT or Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase Test

A GGT test is used to diagnose diseases that are associated with liver. Do not drink alcohol within one day before the test as it can affect your results. Smoking can also affect your results. Your healthcare provider will instruct you not to smoke or drink prior to the test. He or she may also tell you the amount of hours you need to fast.

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